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NARAD Consulting is a partnership between Volticor Enterprises and Quality Training College (QTC). The team has a strong Industrial Engineering and Quality Management Systems (QMS) background. Collectively the team has in excess of 40 years experience in manufacturing and specialised services.

The company continues to offer services to the industry in terms of Industrial engineering, Quality Management Systems and Continuous Improvement. NARAD Consulting (Pty) Ltd value proposition is Business Process Re- Engineering. This enables companies to understand their current processes and optimize these processes, before implementing electronic manufacturing and accounting systems and Quality Management Systems.

One of the main capabilities of the team is the design of solutions as per the evolving needs of the business. This will allow the company to visualize the manufacturing processes as well as the end state.

We recognise the burden that companies are facing currently with the rising cost of production.  Business Process Re-Engineering implemented by NARAD Consulting (Pty) Ltd will implement measures to reduce costs and create systems in the organisation that will result in improved business sustainability.


NARAD Consulting is a company that focusses on the continuous improvement methodologies that are required to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of a business. In order to achieve this state, there are basic tools that are applied by NARAD Consulting.

Industrial Engineering methodology
Lean Manufacturing Tools
Six Sigma
Quality Systems implementation
Training in a variety of disciplines
Process optimisation
Supply Chain Optimisation

What do we do

The root of poor quality and low manufacturing productivity often can be traced back to processes that happen long before the product hits the shop floor. The problem emanates with product line complexity, product design, scheduling and sourcing. We assist clients to address the root cause of their problems and implement lean manufacturing techniques that potentially will improve the productivity of the company between 20% – 40%. Each solution is customised to the customers business and starts by the consultants investigating and analysing the cost drivers within a business. This is conducted by developing a clear understanding of the current and future demands of the business. This will end with a value stream map that will indicate the core activities that the business should concentrate on and what can potentially be outsourced based on economies of scale and complexity.


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Technology audits are a method of investigating and evaluating the technological capacity, procedures, and needs of an organization. Furthermore, it is a method of identifying the strengths and weaknesses through the characterization and general assessment of the firm’s basic know how (marketing, management, finance, human resources, etc.). It is a process of analysis, which leads to concrete proposals (the action plan).

Methodology methods include:


R&N Engineering

R&N Engineering

R&N Engineering is a multi-disciplinary fabricator that produces a variety of metal products for Transnet Engineering and 1st Tier suppliers within the automotive sector. This business can be classified as an SMME.

Steel Vision

Steel Vision

Steel Vision is a sheet metal fabricator that is based in Verulam. The company produces point of sale custom made fixtures for a variety of retailers. Two of the largest clients of Steel Vision are Siemens and Hirt and Carter.



Microfinish is company based in Pinetown that supplier valve seats and valve guides to the automotive after sales market. Approximately 85% of the products produced by this company are exported to Europe.



NARAD Consulting is a partnership between Volticor Enterprises and Quality Training College (QTC). The team has a strong Industrial Engineering and Quality Management Systems (QMS) background

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